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Making Room for Mr. Right takes you through nine action steps to reduce the stress in your mind, body, spirit, and environment so you attract a wonderful love relationship.

Making Room for Mr. Right offers powerful tools for the:

MIND: Eliminate the stress in your life that inhibits you from attracting, receiving, and sustaining a love relationship

BODY: Apply the energy of love through powerful techniques that deepen your appreciation of Self to help you attract happy and healthy relationships

SPIRIT: Take the journey from your mind to your heart...connect to the power of your spirit using ancient principles

ENVIRONMENT: Create sacred space within your home - the heart of your life

Attract healthy relationships
Enjoy passionate intimacy
Have fun with a loving companion
Get the best love advice

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Bring the spirit of joy into dating and a love relationship! Discover the extraordinary power of ancient Vastu principals and techniques to attract your soulmate effortlessly and easily. These top Vastu experts, Robin & Michael Mastro, will give you love advice and show you how.
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You want real love advice, so you came to us.  Now that we've got you excited...

Forget propaganda. Let our book teach you how to attract a love relationship

Be proactive and intentional about attracting Mr. Right. Find out about Vastu techniques that can help you

  Coming soon! Relationship Talk Series - The Yoga of Relationships: Love Without the Stress

Download free yantras - a physical representation of sound that moves energy to attract a healthy relationship

Listen to powerful mantras -  sacred chants that attract your soulmate

Find out how to clear the stress in your life today - we can help! Begin with a consultation


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